Want a quick taste of Burlesque?

At the Oslo School of Burlesque we invite guest teachers to share their own expertise within their style or field.

Kiki is also available to hire for workshops in:

- Burlesque Basics

(Basic technique and removal of gloves and stockings)

- Classical Tease

(Learn how to bump and grind like those old school stripteasers)


- Fandancing

(Learn how to gracefully cover and uncover yourself with the glamour of feather fans)

- High Heels

(Learn how to properly strut your stuff)

- Tasseltwirling

(How to twirl those tassels every way possible)

- Attitude & Stage prescence

(Learn how to be confident and own that stage!)

- Commercial Burlesque

(A modern take on Burlesque, more dance-based)

To find our upcoming workshops, please check our Facebook page here: