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About Kiki

The Scandinavian Sweetheart

Miss Kiki Chérie is a Swedish/Finnish burlesque performer, currently living in Oslo, Norway.


She found her love for dance at a young age doing hiphop and dancehall, also competing in Streetdance competitions. At the age of 16 she was accepted into a Performing Arts school in her homecountry of Sweden where she studied ballet, jazz and contemporary.


In the winter of 2012 she joined Norwegian Burlesque Mama DeVilina Midnight’s School of Burlesque and all the pieces fell into place. This was where she would be able to show her true self, mixing her theatrical side with her love for dance and performance.

Her first time performing (back in March 2013) she placed first runner-up at Midnight Burlesque's Newcomers Competition and has since then competed and been crowned at prestigeous competitions such as The World Burlesque Games, Burlesque Idol, The Hollywood Burlesque Film Festival and Caput Mundi International Burlesque Awards.

Kiki have over the years charmed and enticed audiences all over the world, alongside creatively directing and running her own awardwinning Burlesque revue in Oslo  - Kiki's Burly Q since 2017, as well as creating and running what is now Norway's biggest institute for Burlesque - the Oslo School of Burlesque since 2015.

This international dancing showgirl is known for her magical musicality and engaging charm, and we guarantee you an energy bomb that will melt your heart with every bump n grind.

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