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Kiki's Burly Q

Burlesque & Variety Shows

Kiki's Burly Q produces Burlesque, Variety and Cabaret revues in Oslo, Norway since 2017 and monthly produces shows like Burlesque Roulette,

The Burly Q Room and Franquenstein.

They have quickly become known as the most exclusive and glamorous show in Oslo with it's show-stopping performances and exquisite performers from all around the world.

In 2024 they won the award for Best Group at That's Amore Burlesque Festival (Rome, Italy).

When recieving the award for Best Stage Show 2023 for their show The Burly Q Room at Off-Hedda-prisen the motivation read as follows:

"Led by Mama Emcee who has the audience in the palm of her hand throughout the show with impressive crowd work, the BURLY Q ROOM is incredibly thorough and professional. The show shows that Burlesque is an art form that conveys stories and messages in a refined and elegant way. And the audience loves it!"

Here you can expect the unexpected,

but expect to be entertained!

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