The Producers

Mama is a performer with her roots in musical theatre.

She is the designated host at KBQ who always manages to stir up the audiences with her lovable, yet fiercely sassy persona.

Mama is straight up NSFW.

Mama Emcee

Host & Bad-Ass

With her dance training and the experience from Burlesque and musical theatre Kiki is a stunning performer and the burly mama we all love.

She's a perfectionist and as the head manager and producer of every show, nothing misses her fierce eye.

Kiki Chérie

Creative director & Boss Lady

With over 20 years experience of working as a professional dancer and choreographer, we are in great, gentle hands.

He has an impressive resume including being the Swedish National Team's head coach (Streetdance) as well as working with the biggest stars in Scandinavian entertainment.

Mr. Clarence

DJ & Creative Genius