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The Show

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About  Our Shows

Kiki's Burly Q are known to bring the foremost top-level

Burlesque and Variety shows in all of Norway!

Come and join us as we present

The Burly Q Room

Oslo's most glamorous speakeasy revue.

16/9 | 14/10

We look forward to breathing life into this century's "roaring twenties"
Let the stress of reality disappear and emmerse yourselves into our underworld of burlesque and variety performance.

We have a fantastic cast of regional and international multi-talented artists, ready to spellbind you, leaving you screaming for more. Are you ready for it?


The Burlesque revue is alive!

22/9 | 27/10 | 24/11 | 9/12

How to create a perfect human being?
Is it something that is possible, or is perfect something that is subjective?

Frankenstein is a well-known story about the creation of a monster, but was this really what Dr. Frankenstein set out to do?


Come join us as we embark on a journey to find perfection, with the use of music, live song and dance blended with the theatrics of Burlesque & Drag.

Now at Oslo Nye Teater!

Find tickets and information about our upcoming shows here:

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