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The Show

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Our Shows

Kiki's Burly Q are known to bring the foremost top-level

Burlesque and Variety shows in all of Norway!

Come and join us in 2024 as we present:

Burlesque Roulette

Oslo's most exciting Burly Game Show!

23/2 | 15/3 | 26/4 | 24/5

Straight from the Artifice in Las Vegas!

More fun than strip poker! All bets are off when the wheel starts spinning...

It's Burlesque Roulette! The show where the second act is a surprise...

And the audience wins every time!

Come join Kiki's Burly Q for a night of spinning wheels, boobs, booze and excitement!

The first act of the show showcases our incredible performers in their own acts followed by a second act completely improvised!

A spin of The Wheel decides which song they get!

Now at Oslo Nye Teater!

Find tickets and information about our upcoming shows here:

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