My my my... What a weekend!

I have been so spoiled and well taken care of in Brussels!

Gloria Zsa Zsa Zsu (producer of Forbidden New Burlesque) has been such an amazing host and produced such a fabulous (Sold out!) show!

I am forever grateful and happy to have been invited to perform at the beautiful Mercelis Theatre, and would not hecitate to come back.

Sharing a truly well equipped backstage (so much food and drink!) with the gorgeous and amazing Fräulein Frauke, Rubyyy Jones and Lady Dada was so much fun!

The audiences.. Oh my god, I cant even begin to explain how incredible the audience was!

They filled the sold out venue with so much love and excitement, almost blowing me away whilst performing. Their screams and cheers will forever be in my heart.

This is what I live for! Opening up my heart on stage and recieving so much more than I could ever ask for. Thank you! <3

On Sunday we went for breakfast before meeting up with a bunch of performers who also was in Brussels for the weekend. We went to this cool vintage market where I managed to get my hands on a vintage womans magazine from 1914.

All of us later gathered to enjoy some cheese and cherry beer in a nearby pub, before it was time to leave for the airport.

At the airport I had dinner with the supersweet Gigi Praline from Finland before boarding my plane home.

I just want to thank everyone for making this weekend so incredibly fun and filled with love. Thank you audience and thank you glitter-burly family <3