The 2016 Papessa of Burlesque!


I am so extatic and humbled by the weekend in Rome and the 4th annual Caput Mundi International Burlesque Awards, where I won the prestigious title of Papessa of Burlesque.

It was a crazy two weeks in November with the magic of Caput Mundi in Rome and flying straight to Prague for the Bohemian Burlesque Festival, but now I think I have landed. Maybe.

I knew that I was going to perform at one of Europes most prestigeous awards and was not expecting to win, at all. Especially after seeing all of the other amazing performers during that night. There was aerial acts, beautiful classic burlesque, humor and charm.

The venue was so big and beautiful, with a huge screen covering the whole back of the stage displaying various images and effects.

When we went backstage (by walking through a huge balcony with Rome in the background) we got the setlist. I was first. People said "ooh, thats a tough one" Yes, thank you...

Being first out in a competition is always scary, but I said that I would go out there and do my best. "Just make them smile". Thats my job. Make them smile, feel good and have a great time.

When it was time for the announcement I was happy with what I had delivered but definitly was not expecting to be called out as winner.

But they did.

I actually thought "Oh, was someone else named Kiki as well?" and had to be pushed forward.

I won. I won? I WON!

What happened next is all a dream. So many photographers, so many interviews (tv, web-tv, newspapers, online magazines...), so many people who knew my name.

The day after we got picked up in beautiful vintage cars and drove to the venue for night number two. We pull up and its a sea of paparazzi and photographers, flashes everywhere! "Kiki! Kiki! Here! Kiki look here!" and people kept referring to me as "The Queen" all night long.