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Toxic Survivor

Award-winning act!

Queen of Heart 2024

That's Amore Burlesque Festival

Rome, Italy

This award-winning act is about going through toxic relationships and trauma, shedding your damaged skin and regaining your own power.

In this dynamic and powerful act Kiki showcases her incredible musicality and strength, with the effective use of fans and her skills of captivating the audience and bringing them with her on the journey.

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Save my Soul

New Orleans Tribute

First-runner up!

International Crown 2019

World Burlesque Games

London, UK

This award-winning act is a dark, New Orleans-styled femme fatale classic bump and grind burlesque that meets a high-energy fierce fandance. Blending in danceskills, charms and musicality to perfection!


The Golden Bath

This act features Norways first (and only) Golden Burlesque Bathtub!

In this powerful rutine Kiki goes back to her classic burlesque roots and serves up pure, sparkly delight as she sheds her lingerie and takes a wonderful glitterbath - In true Burlesque fashion.

Kiki_s BurlyQ 2023-34.jpg


Award-winning act!

Papessa of Burlesque 2016

Caput Mundi International Burlesque Awards

Rome, Italy

This rutine is Kiki's showstopper and original signature act that has been performed all over the world!


This fast, fierce and funny rutine shows that this Italian housewife can be as smoking hot as any showgirl! With a few culinary surprises she serves up laughter and brings the audiences to an awe when she shows her patriotic.. Ehm.. Talent.


M.i.l.f Mama

This comedic rutine was created to give a boost to all those amazing mothers out there.

Put on your best fluffy robe, get those milkmachines going and lets have a party in the kiddie pool!


Costume pieces may include real life nursing bra and pacifiers....


Ulla from Sweden

This fantastic musical rutine pays homage to Kiki's roots.

She will show you what it really takes to be a true Swedish Showgirl.

We promise you humor and lots and lots of glitter!


When you've got it -

Flaunt it!

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