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Did you know?

Kiki is the first and only performer in Norway who tease, tantalize, excite and entertain using Assels!


Length: 4 min.


This rutine is Kiki's showstopper, that has been performed all over the world!


This fast, fierce and funny rutine shows that even a Italian housewife can be as smoking hot as any showgirl! With a few culinary surprises she serves up laughter and brings the audiences to an awe when she shows her patriotic.. Ehm.. Talent.

"This was the perfect burlesque routine for me.

It was funny, it was subversive.

I litterally have nothing bad to say about it."


- Dolores Deluxe, founder and leader of London’s longest running troupe

The Kitten Club Burlesque Cabaret

"What can I say about Kiki Cherie’s performance?

The Oslo native got the biggest cheer of the night with her lighthearted routine about her love for Italy. It was obviously a very well thought out performance because it flowed beautifully as her costume evolved by simply pulling a tie here, and letting a layer loose there… have you ever seen such a sparking pizza?


Have you ever seen a burlesque dancer sprinkling themselves in glittering Parmesan as they fly across the stage? I have now."


- Yurei Vintage


Length: 4 min


This dark piece will get you all religous about Kiki!

She will become your own Personal Jesus and seduce you until you can't take it anymore!



Like the gorgeous burlesque performer and emcee 

Mercury Troy said when introducing this act:


"You can reach out and touch Faith..

But that costs at least an extra $200." 








Length: 5 min


This rutine premiered at Oslo Fetish Weekend and showcases Kiki's incredible musicality and raw sexuality. She will tease and tantalize all your senses!


Maybe she'll invite one lucky audience member to join her on stage?

Maybe somebody will get spanked?

There's only one way to find out!



Length: 4,5 min


Ever wondered what a man-eating cannibalistic Diva would look like? 

This mysterious lady will show you her animalistic side (and more) while searching for her next prey.


But don't worry! All ends good.

For Kiki at least....

Send in the CIRCUS CLOWN

Length: 4 min


This rutine is all about humor.

Watch Kiki the Clown charm her way through this amazingly colorful performance, making you smile from cheek to cheek!










Kiki is not responsible for any form of glitter mess that may (will) occur, spontanious delight or certain bodily reactions during performances.

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