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Length: 4 min.

This rutine is Kiki's Awardwinning showstopper and signature act that has been performed all over the world!


This fast, fierce and funny rutine shows that even an Italian housewife can be as smoking hot as any showgirl! With a few culinary surprises she serves up laughter and brings the audiences to an awe when she shows her patriotic.. Ehm.. Talent.


Length: 4 min.


This fantastic rutine pays homage to Kiki's roots.

She will show you what it really takes to be a true Swedish Showgirl.

We promise you humor and lots and lots of glitter!


When you've got it -
Flaunt it!

Length: 5:30 min.


Its dark, its sexy, its classic bump and grind Burlesque ending in a fast and fierce fan dance.

Blending her dance skills with her incredible musicality makes for a fabulous and exciting new rutine!

Length: 4 min.

This dark piece will get you all religous about Kiki!

She will become your own Personal Jesus and seduce you until you can't take it anymore!


 "You can reach out and touch Faith.. But that costs at least an extra $200."

Length: 3 min.


Coming from a very personal place this act was created straight from the heart of Kiki.

This act is pure classic graceful fan-dance.

Be mesmerized as Kiki soars across the stage, showcasing her musicality and vulnerability.

Length: 4 min.

This rutine premiered at Oslo Fetish Weekend 2015 and showcases Kiki's incredible musicality and raw sexuality.

She will tease and tantalize all your senses!

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